After registering as a new parishioner, you should receive an email invitation to activate your Realm account. When you click the link, you’ll be directed to a web page asking you to create a password for logging into Realm. A suggestion – create a password that you frequently use but one that uses those crazy uppercase/lowercase/number/symbol rules so that it is considered “strong” by the system. The system will prompt you to review and update your personal information like address, phone number, etc. It will also give you options regarding your “privacy” level as it relates to the community directory. Please set your privacy options as you prefer. You can always change them later.

If you have not received an email invitation to activate your Realm account (and have checked your junk/spam folder) call 919.929.3730 to verify that it was sent to the correct email address. We can re-send a Realm invite to your correct email address.

Once you’ve registered, it’s easy to get back to the Realm site. Simply visit and sign in with your email address and password.

About realm CMS

The Realm Community and Ministry System (CMS) software helps us connect, build relationships, and grow our ministries here at Newman. While no piece of software replaces the interaction of people and ministers in worship, service, or sharing faith together, it is important to have a unified system to help us empower all members of our community for the work of ministry.

Features include:


Newman staff can manage all profile information, define custom fields, create sacramental records, review member updates, and associate family members. Individuals can keep their own address and all contact information up-to-date and in real-time. Individuals can manage their own privacy settings in the online community directory as one feels comfortable.


All kinds! Assigned staff can set up funds, enter batch contributions, view reports, and send out statements via email or mail. Individuals can review recorded giving in offertory, the annual fund, and various special collections or donations in a transparent and easy to read format.


This key feature in Realm allows us to define ministry areas and then create small groups, build teams, and assign leaders under the oversight of a specific ministry area.


People can self-register, check-in on the Connect mobile app, invite lists of people, and coordinate all the little details. This will be especially helpful for things like our annual Ministry Fair, Small Faith Group leader training, and even sacramental preparation for young people and parents alike.


Newman staff will be able to communicate more efficiently by posting announcements, sending specific group or whole community emails, or leaving messages or materials on group walls for members to access. The weekly bulletin will be easily accessible online, and we will be able to begin a weekly community update email that will keep all of us informed, even if folks are traveling or out of town.


Pathways are a unique feature that help guide people through processes at Newman, like new parishioner registration, welcome ministries, youth protection, and more. For example, when a new person registers as a parishioner, we will be able to move from creating their profile in Realm to informing ministry leaders about that person’s areas of interest, to reaching out to welcome the person, to helping them set-up online giving, to connecting them with other members of the community.


A future use of Realm will be to help us check in students for catechesis, students at campus ministry events, run participation reports, and view activity in real time.


We will be able to coordinate groups that serve a specific purpose like catechesis volunteers, a service event, welcome ministry for new students at UNC, donation drives, and more.


Our ministry extends beyond Pittsboro Street and reaches into the larger UNC and Chapel Hill communities and beyond. We connect with alumni, parents of current students, and even former parishioners who have moved out of the area. Realm equips us to build relationships with all of our stake-holder groups, regardless of where they live.


Realm provides real-time data points that matter and gives us flexibility to discover the insights that will impact and grow our ministry – from participation to giving to membership and more.